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Kayaking San Blas




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Kayaking the San Blas coast   Kayaking in the San Cristobol estuary   San Blas fishermen

There are several locations for kayaking in the San Blas area, including the estuary systems, the San Blas beaches, and Mantanchen Bay. Each trip depends on comfort and skill level of the group.


Take a leisurely paddle up the the San Cristobol and El Pozo estuaries and explore endless tributaries. Mangrove tree branches are dotted with birds of prey, waterfowl and iguanas. Fishermen enjoy demonstrating of their technique as you drift by.


Explore Piedra Blanca 1/2 mile beyond the mouth of the estuary, or kayak along Mantanchen Bay and stop for lunch at one of the many ramadas on the beach where seafood is served.

Platanitos Adventures

Special trips can be arranged for kayaking in the Platanitos estuary and along the shore for a chance to see whales.
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