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Isabela Island National Park




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Adventures in scuba diving, snorkeling and camping
at Isabela Island National Park

majestic frigate birds on isabela island, pacific ocean, mexico iguana on isabela island, pacific ocean, mexico banana plant on isabela island, pacific ocean, mexico
Majestic frigate birds   Iguana   Banana plant
Isabela Island
Isabela Island National Park is a marine preserve accessed by a 2 hour boat ride. Similar to the islands of the Galapagos, you will observe thousands of nesting Frigate birds, Blue Footed and Red Footed Boobies, the Tropicbird, iguanas and other animals. Here you will find some of the best diving in Mexico. The trip is for small groups.

blue footed boobies on isabela island, pacific ocean, mexico
Blue footed boobies on Isabela Island

isabela island, east side   isabela island, west side
Isabela Island West   Isabela Island East


diving isabela island off the coast of san blas
Pargo (Red Snapper)

Diving & Snorkeling

In this premier dive spot you might swim with giant Manta rays and hear the whale songs underwater. Experience a giant underwater arch, explore caves and see tropical fish, yellowtail, grouper, red snapper, jack caravel, eel, anemones and corals in a pristine habitat. This is an ideal location for recreational scuba diving, underwater photography and snorkeling. Your panga operator will take you to any location around the island.


camping at isabela island
Camping on Isabela Island


On the 3-day, 2-night trip to the Isabela Island, you sleep in tents.

The main building on the island is a marine research center for scientitsts who study for extended periods on the island. Researchers are often available for lectures.

Interpretive signage along the nature trails provides information about the island's flora and fauna.

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