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San Blas Scuba Diving and Snorkeling




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Exciting Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Adventures Near San Blas

Diving and snorkeling excursions are for small groups. If trips are cancelled due to conditons beyond the captains control, there are many alternative ecotours to experience in San Blas while you are there.
frank toews diving at isabela island off the coast of san blas
Frank Toews diving at Isabela Island, surrounded by fish
Diving Isabela Island
Isabela Island National Park is a marine preserve accessed by a 2 hour boat ride. Here you can experience underwater arches, tropical fish and coral. You may also encounter manta rays while diving, and whales, dolphins, turtles, whalesharks and sailfish on the boat trip. Diving excursions to the island are all-day, or 2 or 3-day guided camping trips. CLICK HERE FOR THE ISABELA ISLAND PAGE.
Diving Platanitos Reef

Explore a large shallow reef one mile off the point of Platanitos. You can see jellies, rays and turtles. If you are lucky you may encounter whale sharks or humpback whales. The cove at Platanitos beach provides calm waters for swimming and recreational snorkeling.

jellyfish at platanitos reef
Jellyfish floating over the Platanitos reef
twin dolphins dive boat
Diving in Puerto Vallarta
Diving Puerto Vallarta
If you plan to dive in Puerto Vallarta, go with TWIN DOLPHINS DIVE CENTER. The shop will maintain your tanks, and offers diving and snorkeling trips to Los Arcos, Las Marietas and some more exotic dive sites for the experienced divers such as El Morro, Chimo and Corbeteña.
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