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The mangrove zone surrounding San Blas is the most important ecosystem in Mexico and a sanctuary for 300 species of birds.

san blas plaza   diving into the pool below  the El Cora waterfall   san blas birdwatching
San Blas Plaza   El Cora Waterfall   Nesting Frigate Birds

San Blas residents are working to maintain and further develop sustainable ecotourism. Visit San Blas and experience the beauty of this diverse habitat. EcoTours available in San Blas include birdwatching, whale watching, jungle tours, kayaking, jungle hikes, camping, snorkeling or diving.

San Blas is a historic seaport town (population 12,000) on Mexico's Pacific Ocean, 95 miles north of Puerto Vallarta. Travelers have been visiting San Blas beaches since the 60's for sun, surf, and relaxation, yet San Blas has not been developed into a tourist resort like Puerto Vallarta or Mazatlan; it is well-known among Mexicans as a favorite "tranquil" vacation spot.

Founded in 1768 by Spain as a home port for ships setting sail for California, San Blas provided Spanish galleons safe harbor and protection from Dutch and English pirates.

Explore San Blas' historical sites and vibrant cultural traditions of festivals and music.

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