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San Blas Archeological Sites




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Chacalilla Archaeological Site

Archeologists have conducted research in Chacalilla to study historic artifacts and culture from this area. During harvest seasons farmers in the village often turn up artifacts* while tilling their fields. Walking tours can be arranged during certain times of the year. Chacalilla is 6 miles north of San Blas.*It is illegal to purchase or transport artifacts such as these.

Rock Carvings

People come from around the world to Singayta for birdwatching, but what may surprise you is the carved wall that was unearthed when the side of a slope broke away during the summer rains in 2003. In another town, you can see carved boulders. Many of the rock-carvings are seen while on like jungle hikes or birdwatching trips.

Other Locations

There are many interesting locations off the beaten track that are being discovered.

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