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Tourist Seasons

High Season - End of December to Easter
Calm, warm weather, ideal for hiking and water sports, including whalewatching, kayaking, snorkeling, diving, fishing. Easter brings many oturists to San Blas.

Low Season - After Easter through mid-December
Fewer tourists, hotel prices are typically 20% to 50% lower. See weather conditions below.

San Blas Weather

Dry Season: November - April
Arid, warm, very little rain.

Humid Season: May - July
Weather temperatures can be unbearably hot and sticky.

Rainy Season: May - October
Risk of tropical storms and hurricanes are higher. Sporatic rain storms can make for breezy, cooler sightseeing conditions.

Weather Online
For current San Blas weather check the following link to the Yahoo Weather page:

San Blas Map

San Blas is about 900 miles south of the Nogales border on the same latitude as Hawaii. San Blas is in the State of Nayarit, Mexico. Mazatlan is about 130 miles to the North, and Puerto Vallarta is 95 miles to the South. Isabela Island is 39 miles North-West of San Blas. Black dots indicate local ecotour locations and scuba diving spots.

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map of san blas showing ecotour locations


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