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San Blas 18th Century Fortress and Church

statue of mercado visit the historic church
Jose Maria Mercado   San Blas 18th century Fortress and Church

Visit the 18th century church and fortress overlooking San Blas. Learn fascinating history and lore surrounding this landmark. Fortress tours and San Blas history tours with bilingual guides are available by appointment.


mexcaltitan areal image of mexcaltitan
Colorful Mexcaltitan   San Blas 18th century Fortress and Church

Mexcaltitán is said to have been where the Aztecs originated. The small is surrounded by water, and its streets flood at extreme high tide. The town's population is 300 and there is one hotel on the island. Today the adobe buildings are painted in bright colors. A cultural museum displays the history of the Aztec culture artifacts. Mexcaltitan is a 1.5-hour drive and 10 minute boat ride to the island village. Visit Santiago on your return trip to San Blas.

iglesia at santiago


Visit Santiago on your return trip from Mexcaltitán, and see beautiful murals and the church near the plaza. The Mexcaltitán/Santiago trips are a great opportunity to take photographs.

1/2-day trips to Santiago may be scheduled with a bilingual guide. Walk to the top of the hill overlooking Santiago, spend time visiting the street market and visit the Huichol Art Center.

The Huichol Art Center provides the Huichol indians a place to learn skills to create their traditional art as well as market their work and generate sustainable income.

huichol beadwork
Huichol beaded jewelry

huichol crafts
Huichol beadwork and textiles

huichol beaded mask
Huichol traditional mask

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